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Intel Optane memory

In 2017 Intel released a new product to accelerate performance and responsiveness of the PC. The Intel Optane Memory is a system acceleration solution available for the new 7th Gen Intel Core processor platforms..

By placing this new memory media between the processor and SATA-based storage devices (HDD, SSHD or SATA SSD), you are able to store commonly used data and programs closer to the processor. This allows the system to access this information more quickly and improve overall system responsiveness.

On a more technical note: Intel Optane memory concatenates memory and storage into one virtual drive visible to the OS with an optimized system interconnect, that uses smart software to accelerate performance and responsiveness of the PC. It can accelerate any SATA-based storage device installed in a 7th generation Intel Core processor-based platform that is designated as Intel Optane memory ready.

According to Intel the full benefit of the acceleration will kick in after the third time that an application is used or a file is launched. It prioritizes the frequently used files and applications in the cache for more quick access  by the user.

For now Intel Optane memory is targeted at desktop PC usage. Intel announced that notebook and mobile systems featuring Intel Optane memory will be available at a later date.

As an Intel Technology Provider, Platinum Partner, Granada IT Components is well informed on availability and the implication of the Intel Optane memory. Feel free to ask us your questions or share your thoughts with us.

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For the full report and more information regarding the Intel Optane Memory, check the official Intel website, by clicking the following link: Intel Optane Memory