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Rotterdam, Holland

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08:30 – 18:00


Rotterdam, Holland

Eendrachtsweg 67, 3012LG

+31 10 463 77 22

About us

Granada IT components Europe bv is a committed trading company and an international reseller with Intel Platinum Partner status of a well-selected range of PC and Server components.


Our team of international trading specialists is always ready to provide you with the latest market information and prices.
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Key to our success is a sharp focus on a small selection of components that are critical for your production needs.
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Why Choose Us?


Our very high standard of service has enabled us to become a trusted trading company for our partners.


We work with distributors, manufacturers and server integrators worldwide in order to always have the latest market information available.


Our core values and code of conduct are based on honesty, long term-commitment and professional competence.

International Traders at Granada IT Components

Our team of specialists is always at your disposal

“We want to prove to you how a trading company like ours can be professional, involved and result driven.”

Pedro Herman — West Europe & Africa

“The international market of server components and system integrators is both challenging and exciting to us.”

Cynthia Jin — Asia

“Opportunities occur, when looking at the server industry from an international perspective.”

Annouk van den Berg — Europe

“It feels great to develop new business opportunities across the globe and expand globally.”

Silvana Nenova — Europe

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If you have any questions about how Granada IT Components can help your company, please send us an email and we will get in touch shortly, or call us at +31 10 463 77 22 we open between 08:30 and 18:00 (GMT) from Monday to Friday. We would be delighted to speak with you!

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Current available promotions

As part of the Intel Platinum partner program, we would like to inform you regarding our promotion on the Intel SSD Data Center Series and S4500 Series. It is part of the Intel 3D NAND SSD family, which transform the economics of storage. Please check with us to hear what special pricing we have available for you!

Read the complete promotion here: Intel DC 3D NAND SSD S4500 series

The DC P4800X accelerates applications for fast caching and fast storage to increase scale per server and reduce transaction costs for latency sensitive workloads. Furthermore, the DC P4800X enables data centers to deploy bigger and more affordable datasets to gain new insights from large memory pools.

Read the complete promotion here: Intel NVMe SSD P4800X series

The Intel Optane Memory is a system acceleration solution available for the new 7th Gen Intel Core processor platforms. By placing this new memory media between the processor and SATA-based storage devices (HDD, SSHD or SATA SSD), you are able to store commonly used data and programs closer to the processor. This allows the system to access this information more quickly and improve overall system responsiveness.

Read the complete promotion here: Intel Optane Memory

Intel can give the data center a competitive advantage with the Intel Solid State Drive Data Center DC S3520 Series. This series is designed for data center, cloud, and embedded usage segments, and is ideal for read intensive workloads such as boot, web server, low data rate operational databases and analytics.

Read the complete promotion here: Intel DC S3520 series 3D NAND SSD