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Granada IT Components Europe bv is an official Intel® Technology Provider Program, Platinum Partner, herewith we would like to promote the Intel SSD DC P3700 series. This page contains a small summary of this series as published by Intel, with the downloadable link for the full product brief below.

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Product brief summary of the Intel SSD DC P3700 series

The Intel SSD DC P3700 Series is a PCIe Gen3 SSD architected with the new high performance controller interface – NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) delivering leading performance, low latency and Quality of Service.

Matching the performance with reliability and endurance, P3700 Series offers a range of capacity from 400GB, 800GB, 1.6TB to 2TB in both Add-In card and 2.5-inch form factor. With PCIe Gen3 support and NVMe queuing interface, the P3700 Series delivers sequential read performance of up to 2.8GB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 2.0GB/s.

The Intel SSD DC P3700 Series delivers high random read IOPS of 460K and random write IOPS of 175K for 4KB operations. Taking advantage of the direct path from the storage to the CPU by means of NVMe, the Intel SSD DC P3700 Series exhibits low latency of less than 20 μs for sequential access to the SSD.

Furthermore, the Intel SSD DC P3700 Series also includes High Endurance Technology (HET), which combines NAND silicon enhancements and SSD NAND management techniques to extend SSD write endurance up to 10 drive writes per day for 5 years. The 2.5-inch takes advantage of the 8639 connector and provides hot-pluggable removal and insertion providing in-service replacement options.

Some of the series key features:

  • Consistently High IOPS and throughput
  • Sustained low latency
  • High Endurance Technology (HET)
  • Variable Sector Size and End-to-End data-path protection
  • Enhanced power-loss data protection
  • Power loss protection capacitor self-test
  • Out of band management
  • Thermal throttling and monitoring

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For the full product brief, check the official Intel website, by clicking the following link: SSD DC P3700 series